February 23, 2009

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So, my mom has informed me that on Friday I was in denial and she is probably right. I heard that it wasn't a big deal and that we did not need to be worried, because it was most likely nothing. However, after Dr. Tagavilla took some time to really explain everything to me today I have come to realize that this is not so normal and a pretty big deal. The baby has what they are calling "dandy walker malformation." Basically the ventricle that drains fluid to and from her brain is not forming properly. It can cause a myriad of developmental issues or it can cause nothing at all. The babies is very small, which is good. They wont know much until my amnio comes back and even then they will need to do an MRI when the baby is born in order to determine the extent of the problem. Right now the concern is keeping an eye on the babies head, because DWM can cause water on the brain, which would make it very difficult to have a natural birth. Dr. Tagavilla is great and he is keeping a very close eye on me. I will have appointments and ultrasounds twice a week until I give birth. This will check the size of the baby, the size of her head, the size of the cyst and my fluid levels. At this point my fluid levels are very low. This is to be expected, since they took 10cc's of fluid on Friday, we just need to make sure that my fluid levels rise instead of continuing to fall. A continued loss of fluid would indicate a leak in my amnionic sack, which would most likely cause an emergency c-section. SO, all that to say, we don't really know much and probably wont know much until next week and we wont know the full extent until after delivary. So, that is what is going on. This is latests. When we get the results of the amnio I will make sure to post and if anything changes before then.

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Jessica said...

Eeesh, we're praying for you and the baby! I hope you can have an uneventful birth and that this abnormality isn't anything of concern once she's born. God is in control, even when there are problems! We love you guys!