February 19, 2009

Ultrasound Results

So.......the baby has turned!!! Hurray and Hallelujah, Happy Dances for everyone!!! This means they wont have to go in and manually turn her, which did not sound like a pleasant experience for anyone involved. That being said, they are concerned about the size of the baby and want me to go and have a more extensive ultrasound done tomorrow. So, tomorrow I have to go down to the hospital and have an hour long ultrasound done to make sure that everything is alright. We are not worried, The doctors said the same thing about Ella and she was fine. I will let you know tomorrow if I can get the ultrasound tech to tell me anything. If not I have an appointment with Dr. Tagavilla on Monday.

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Jessica said...

Don't do it!!! Don't go!!! They WILL tell you that baby is too big to birth. It's NOT true. God designed our bodies perfectly, and they work perfectly if unrestrained. If you stay active and walk around during labor like we're meant to do, and don't lay flat on a hospital bed (which makes your birth canal 30% more narrow) you'll be able to birth the baby your body grew. Trust me, it's true. I love you girl, please don't take what they say as gospel k?