July 28, 2009

The List

A few days ago my mom told Ella that we were going to Nannie's (my grandma) house on Wednesday, ever since then she has been asking us every five minutes if it was time to go to Nannie's house. She would get very sad when we told her that we had to wait a few days. We told her that we had lots of things to do before we left. After about the hundredth time of her asking I decided to make a list of all (well most) of the things we needed to do before we left. As you can see we have been crossing them off. This has been very effective, she gets very excited to check our list and knows what all the things on the list are. She knows that when we have crossed off everything on our list it will be time to go to Nannie's house!

"The Flower in the Bottle" - by Ella Grace Martinez

Playing in the Sprinklers

We tried this a few weeks ago and Ella was not interested, but with the ridiculous heat we have been having and our lack of AC we decided to trya again and she loved it! She wants to go out everyday now.

July 21, 2009

Pretty Picture

Ella wanted to show me the pretty picture that she drew. She was very proud and I thought it was beautiful, so I wanted to share it with all of you.
It's a scary scarecrow face. (No it does not have a mane, that his "circly hair." I think she meant curly.)

July 19, 2009

Couch Potato

Today, Wendy was sitting on the couch all by herself (well sort of)
"This is my imitation of that squirrel on youtube"

"Who are you lookin' at?"

Ella gave her a hat (it's the lense cap of the camera), she was a good sport.

Feet (with shoes)

No such thing as too many feet pictures

Hurray for Hand-Me-Downs!

Today Ella and Wendy both wore dresses to church that were mine when I was a little girl. They looked adorable. It helped that they matched. We decided to take some pictures.
All Smiles!

Ok, here is the was right before nap time and they were right on the brink of a major melt down.

After nap time Wendy was much more cooperative

July 18, 2009

Making Pancakes

Ella and Grammie made some wonderful waffles this morning. Ella loves to cook, she knows all the ingredients and like to dump them in the sifter.
She has become a very proficient stirrer, today she actually got all the ingredients mixed together without Grammie's help!

However, she does not like the mixer. The baby who used to sleep through EVERYTHING has become the child who does not like any noise that is remotely LOUD. Oh well what can you do?


July 15, 2009

Raspberries and Roses

Our neighbor has a raspberry bush and it grows through the fence into our yard. Ella and Grammie have been having lots of fun picking the many berries that are growing. It is one of Ella's favorite thing to do everyday. (BTW the berries are delicious!)

The fruits of their labor

Ella's other favorite outside activity is picking the flowers (one pedal at a time)

She says this makes the yard pretty, here is what it looks like when she's done.

July 7, 2009


I was just looking back at old posts and realized that I put down the wrong weight when Wendy was born (bad mommy)! So in case you really care (because I know you were very worried about it) Wendy weighed 6lbs 11ounces, not 7lbs 11ounces. ;-)

July 5, 2009

More Fourth of July

Papa gave me his headphones so that it wouldn't be too loud
They also made it more fun to SCREAM!

"Mommy, look at all the sprinkles in the sky"

They must be sisters, how else would they naturally put their arms exactly the same way?

Happy Fourth of July!!

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Love you to death" I'm gonna get you!

Some Fun Stuff

Ella showing off the cherry chapstick on her lips (and her chin and her nose...)
Wendy looked so cute in her towel after her bath

We were much more amused then she was

Ella loves when Wendy takes a bath, because then she gets to play with the ducky in her tub. (For what ever reason she doesn't like the ducky in her own bath rub, only Wendy's)

Wendy loves dancing with her Grammie. Grammie is definately her favorite.