July 28, 2009

The List

A few days ago my mom told Ella that we were going to Nannie's (my grandma) house on Wednesday, ever since then she has been asking us every five minutes if it was time to go to Nannie's house. She would get very sad when we told her that we had to wait a few days. We told her that we had lots of things to do before we left. After about the hundredth time of her asking I decided to make a list of all (well most) of the things we needed to do before we left. As you can see we have been crossing them off. This has been very effective, she gets very excited to check our list and knows what all the things on the list are. She knows that when we have crossed off everything on our list it will be time to go to Nannie's house!


Jen said...

what a great idea, love the chart!

The Martinez Family said...

Thanks, it worked really well, she loved it!