June 29, 2009

We Made It Through the Night

Well, sleeping in the same room went ok. The bad news is Wendy woke up at 3am (she was wet), she sleeps on her tummy and diapers just don't hold as much that way. Wendy decided that by 3am she had, had enough sleep and stayed awake until after 6am. However, the good news is I was able to go in and get her at 3am without waking up her sister who got a nice long nights sleep. Ella was excited to have Wendy share a room with her, but she wanted to share her big girl bed with her sissy. (I'm sure they will be able to share when they are a little older and I don't have to worry about Ella trampling her sister). So, we will try again tonight and see how it goes :-) I will keep you posted.

June 28, 2009

More Photos

oops sideways oh well! Ella always needs a hat and a dress after her bath
Bubbles are a summer staple

This is Ella's favorite seat, it's a cow that Sam won at a carnival game at Disney's California Adventure

Ella loves to give her sissy kisses

Wendy's Easter dress

Wendy Jane under the biliruben lights.

Ella Grace and Sissy Wendy Jane chillin' on the couch. This is when Wendy was still very orange.


Ok, so I had every intention of updating you on everything that has happened in the last few months, but I realized that way to much has happened and i could not begin to get it all in one blog so here are a few pictures from the last few months (that's the best I can do) :-) Ella discovered that she really likes the slide by our house, now she wants to go to the park everyday
Wendy's first bath (on Easter Sunday)

Wendy sleeping in her boppy (that was basically all she did for a few months )

decorating Easter eggs

June 27, 2009

Big Girl Beds!

Well, we finally did it, we got Ella her big girl bed (a full mattress). We decided to go ahead and move her into her bigger bed so that we wouldn't have to buy a second crib mattress. So Ella is now in a full size and Wendy finally gets to sleep in the beautiful crib that we bought her instead of the pack 'n play. This will be the first night that they are sleeping in the same room, it will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope neither of them wake of the other. Here are some pictures of both of them showing off their pretty beds. Ella's bedding is from Bed, Bath and Beyond I think it turned out beautiful. We tried to put her baby blanket on her bed, but she said it did not belong on her big girl bed.
This is Wendy's beautiful crib. I designed her blanket and my mom made it. It came out really great, exactly what I wanted. This is the first time she got to lay on it. She played it her bed for a good twenty minutes today, it was great! I think she really likes it.

Ella was very excited, she wanted me to take her picture over and over again!