June 27, 2009

Big Girl Beds!

Well, we finally did it, we got Ella her big girl bed (a full mattress). We decided to go ahead and move her into her bigger bed so that we wouldn't have to buy a second crib mattress. So Ella is now in a full size and Wendy finally gets to sleep in the beautiful crib that we bought her instead of the pack 'n play. This will be the first night that they are sleeping in the same room, it will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope neither of them wake of the other. Here are some pictures of both of them showing off their pretty beds. Ella's bedding is from Bed, Bath and Beyond I think it turned out beautiful. We tried to put her baby blanket on her bed, but she said it did not belong on her big girl bed.
This is Wendy's beautiful crib. I designed her blanket and my mom made it. It came out really great, exactly what I wanted. This is the first time she got to lay on it. She played it her bed for a good twenty minutes today, it was great! I think she really likes it.

Ella was very excited, she wanted me to take her picture over and over again!

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