June 29, 2009

We Made It Through the Night

Well, sleeping in the same room went ok. The bad news is Wendy woke up at 3am (she was wet), she sleeps on her tummy and diapers just don't hold as much that way. Wendy decided that by 3am she had, had enough sleep and stayed awake until after 6am. However, the good news is I was able to go in and get her at 3am without waking up her sister who got a nice long nights sleep. Ella was excited to have Wendy share a room with her, but she wanted to share her big girl bed with her sissy. (I'm sure they will be able to share when they are a little older and I don't have to worry about Ella trampling her sister). So, we will try again tonight and see how it goes :-) I will keep you posted.

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The Small Family said...

YEA! Glad the first night went well. Don't get discouraged if you have a few rough nights. It will be worth it in the end. :)