February 20, 2009

I Can't Do Anything Normal

It has been well documented through my medical history that I do not do anything normally. That being said, I had my follow in depth ultrasound today. They were worried that the baby was too small. She has been steadily decreasing in percentile. She started in the 60th and has since gone down steadily and is now in the 20th percentile. However, they took extensive measurements of the baby and are no longer concerned about her size. She is still small, but it does not seem to be something they are worried about. HOWEVER, while they were measuring they found what they are calling a "variant" on her brain. Basically, the cerebellum is shaped like a sting ray. It is shaped kind of like a barbell and then has a long skinny tail. However, when they were looking at the babies brain they were unable to locate the long skinny tail part of her cerebellum. In it's place they found what seemed to be a small cist. Most likely it is not something to be concerned about, but there is the possibility that it would be a sign of developmental issues with her motor skills possibly including downs syndrome (however this is highly unlikely). The doctor decided to do an amnio which means they took some of the fluid around the baby in order to check for abnormal chromosomes, this will help them to narrow down the possible developmental problems. Odds are good that they amnio will come back completely normal, which would be a sign that there are no genetic or developmental issues connected to the cist. Either way, the baby will need to have an MRI shortly after birth to get a clearer picture of what is going on. All in all we are not worried and trust that God will work everything out for his glory. We are hopeful of the best possible outcome and that all of this hubbub is for nothing. We will have the results of the amnio in 7-10 days and will definitely post to let you all know what is going on. Meanwhile I am doing lots of resting and I have an appointment with my Dr. on Monday. So, until then we will just sit tight.

Oh btw if you have the choice of avoiding an amnio DO IT, they are not very pleasant. Especially when your baby will not sit still and cooperate. They ended having to chase around my stomach with the needle, not an exciting process.

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The Small Family said...

I'm sorry to hear about your amnio. I had one with Molly because of a positive result on that silly AFP test (which I am not doing this time around.) I didn't look at the needle and didn't have a problem with the amnio, but Tom said the needle was huge. Let us know the results. We'll be praying for ??? (any name chosen yet).

Southern CA is beautiful. We are looking forward to the Children's Museum and Disneyland this week.