March 27, 2009

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

For those of you who haven't already heard, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and in the words of "An American Tail" "We have a pwan." If I do not go into labor by myself they will enduce on the 1st, which is great news, because that is the day that my dad comes home from Africa. We really want him to be there. My grandma is coming into town on Monday which will also be exciting. So, for now we are biding our time and hoping that everything stays just the way that it is for now. I do have an appointment on Monday just to be sure that my fluid levels haven't dropped anymore and that the baby is still active, as long as those two things look good we should be able to wait until the 1st. However, I must admit I kind of hope she wont be born until the second, so that we don't have an April fools baby, but we will see. It would be kind of fitting for this one to be born on April fools day (since she doesn't seem to do anything normal). Anyway, that is the plan and no...she still doesn't have a name. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that we will know it when we see her.

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