March 5, 2009

Great News!

Well, I went to see Dr. Tagavilla today and he informed me that since my amnio came back normal the baby does not have dandy-walker malformation. This is great news! That means most likely there will be no developmental issues once she is born. They believe that this small cyst is the kind of thing that has probably been around for a while, but the ultra-sound technology just wasn't good enough to pick up on before. Her pediatrician will continue to moniter it after she is born, just to be sure, but they don't expect it to be a problem. So, what this means is I will continue to see the doctor once a week until I deliver and they will continue to moniter the babies size and my fluid levels. I have another in depth ultra-sound on Monday just to verify that everything is fine and that the cyst has not grown and that there are no other problems. We are very thankful that everything seems to be normal and we can expect an uncomplicated delivery. I will post again with new details after my ultra-sound on Monday. By Monday I also hope to have photos of Ella's trip to CA and some photos we took of her in her big girl bed before they left.

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The Small Family said...

Praise the Lord!! I have been thinking about you often and praying for you and the baby each time. I will continue to pray. :) See you on Sunday.