February 10, 2010

The News You’ve All Been Waiting For

Wendy had her appointment at Children’s Hospital today.  We were meeting with Dr. Ojemann (her doctor, as well as the head of the neurosurgery department) to check on the cyst on her brain and decide what we should do about it. He took a look at her old MRI and at her head now.  He basically left the decision up to me.  He said that we could wait and watch it, or take it out.  Both options had risks and perks. 

Waiting meant that there was a larger possibility of head malformation if it had to be removed later, and a more difficult time getting the bone to go back together.  Also, there was the obvious possibility of it growing. However, there was less of a possibility of needing a blood transfusion. 

Doing the surgery now holds the risk of more blood loss, but there is less of a possibility of them needing to manipulate the bone in order to cover the hole.  There is also the peace of mind for Mommy that this foreign object is no longer in her head.

I have had six months to think about what I wanted to do, and I have had a peace about doing the surgery for quite a while.  Dr. Ojemann was very supportive about doing the surgery and agreed that it was a good way to go.  Dr. Thompson (Wendy’s pediatrician) also had advised that if given the option he would have it removed.

So, that being said sometime in March Wendy will be going in to surgery. If they do not have to manipulate the bone she should be able to go home that day, otherwise she may have to stay overnight.  They did some blood work today to test and make sure that her blood does not have any problems clotting. Wendy did not enjoy this part, and they had to poke multiple times and root around before they found the vein.  (Mommy was very sad).  A week before her surgery she will meet with the aenesthesiologist (even my spell check couldn’t figure out what I was trying to spell) and another doctor to determine that she is healthy enough for surgery.  The day of surgery they will start with an MRI to make sure they have a current idea of what the cyst is doing.  Then they will cut a W shaped incision in her skull, they will then scrape out the cyst and then put everything back together. 

So, know you know what I know.  I will keep you posted on dates and details as I get them. Here are some of her MRI photos to give you a better idea of what is going on. (And it took me literally hours to figure out how to get these up here so I hope you appreciate them :-)

Somehow in all my messing with these the films got reversed, so picture the cyst on the other side of her brain.  Don’t look for the cyst in the profile picture, because you can’t see it.  I just thought it was cute!

Wendy MRI


Kari Watson said...

Thanks for posting this, Crystal. Heavy stuff. We will be praying!

fivetallsmalls said...

Thanks for the update. Of course we will be praying for you. If you want Ella to play at our house that day so that your parents can be with you, just let us know. The more the merrier! :)