April 8, 2009

Hollywood Baby

Here is Wendy Jane in her cool "Hollywood" sunglasses. She had to wear special glasses to protect her eyes from the UV rays. She was absolutely as content as she looks in this picture.
Here she is in her tanning bed. Well, I guess it is more of an anti-tanning bed, since it made her less orange and more white. Hehe

This is the pretty blue light that she spent 24 hours under. The bed lit up from the bottom also. Don't ask me how it works, becuase I have no idea, I just know that it does.

Here is the after photo. Our pretty pink baby was exhausted after her long night. The square on the side of her face was a piece of velcro that they had to stick on either side of her face. It was good, because it kept the glasses on and protected her face, but when it came time to take those stickies off it was not much fun, especially because they were stuck in her hair. She has little square rashes on the side of her face from where they pulled them off.

We are glad that she is doing well and we are looking forward to her second week of life. Hopefully she will spend more time at home then in the hospital.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear you guys are home and she's doing fine. Can't wait to see that precious little one at church (though I promise not to flock you like the rest of the people will, lol!) If you're surrounded I'll wait until next week! Happy Easter, He is risen!!

The Small Family said...

Already making a fashion statement . . . I'm glad she's doing better. Looking forward to meeting her soon (and seeing you too).