March 27, 2008


We took Ella to the snow for the first time. She was not thrilled with the idea. She wouldn't touch it, she wouldn't sit in it and she did not want to sled. We decided that if she was going to cry she was at least going to have fun doing it, so we took her sledding down a hill. Which she liked while she was doing it. She said "I'm Flying." It was very cute. We were worried about their being enough snow, but we realized very quickly that we had nothing to worry about. There was plenty. Unlike California the mountains weren't packed. In fact most of the ski places weren't even open. We had an entire hill all to ourselves and we only saw about four other people the whole time we were at the mountain. All in all we had a great time. Here are some pictures of our day at the snow.


Anonymous said...

So cute. There is so musch snow. Not like here. It looked like she had a little fun.

Anonymous said...

So cute. A lot more snow than here. It looked like she had a little bit of fun. I like her outfit. Love Grandma